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POP Up online market shop

POP Up - metallic

I’ve created a weekly POP Up Market Shop category in my online store.

The plan is to change it up every Monday.  In the true nature of a pop up shop – it’s there for a short time only.  I have heaps of goodies and bits and pieces already made and ready to post so I decided to make a different theme for each week.    If you can’t make it to a market then here’s your chance to experience the market without leaving home.

I’m always asked at markets if my work is online.  Not all of it, I say.  And that always plays on my mind.  Why don’t I?  I don’t want to list all the pieces all the time because I like to make limited edition pieces and one-of-a-kind pieces.  I use a tiny scrap of something precious from my stash or things that I like but have no intentions of making a lot of, lots of little bits and bobs that would take FOREVER to list individually and when there’s only 1 or 2 items made in a particular colour, for instance, that would be bonkers!

So this is my solution.  An equally bonkers solution given how long it takes!  I’m trying so hard to not be a perfectionist about the styling/photography/editing part of the process because that’s where the time goes.  So I’m having fun being a bit carefree (as much as a perfectionist can be carefree about anything!) and enjoying putting together a different theme each week.  So far I’ve had a Blue week, a Metallic week and this week is The Study.

I promote each week’s theme on Facebook, so if you don’t already follow Crayon Chick there then now is a good time to like the page!

The StudyWeek 3 – The Study

Heavy Metals

Week 2 – Metallic

Blue Pop Up

Week 1 – Blue

Some of the items have moved over to my Etsy store when the POP Up theme is over, usually the items I have multiple of so if you missed out you can either send me an email and I will be happy to send it to you, or check out Etsy and see if it’s listed there.

I’m having a bit of fun doing this.  It’s amazing how the themes come together, there’s not a lot of planning into it, it all just happens as I start gathering pieces to feature and seeing patterns and themes emerge.  And I’m seriously sitting on my lounge room floor to take the photos so the light is all over the shop but I don’t mind.  And I really like how visually they all come together as a curated group!

I hope you find something you like.  And don’t wait too long if you do – it will be gone by Monday!


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