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Posy and The Garden

I picked this little posy from my garden early this morning and I can’t believe how much the perfume has filled the house.

It’s taken years for the garden to become what it is. It’s only small and I have very little idea of what I’m doing but I love the space, sitting on the front porch overseeing the garden is my favourite place to have my breakfast tea and toast.
I love dead-heading and checking for bugs and weeds. And don’t get me started on the joy of the secateurs! I’ve even learnt how to clean and sharpen them! With a little help from Gardening Australia.
I fill empty spots with punnets of this and that. Some take, most don’t. But it’s all about the watching and keeping an eye on things, daydreaming, digging around in the dirt and observing the seasons. It’s now starting to look after itself, delightfully self-seeding and spreading. And this time of the year there’s a massive growth spurt and little sleepy plants wake from their winter slumber and cheer me up no end.

I hope you have a little patch of dirt to dig your fingers in.

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