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Recycled yarn knitting



I was given a roll of Hooked Zpagetti yarn late last year and couldn’t wait to play with it. It’s made from offcuts from the manufacturing of new clothing. Offcuts! Isn’t that wonderful! I decided the bulkiness of the yarn would create a simple textural cushion cover.




It was such a dream to work with, especially compared to the scratchy and prickly jute I normally have on my hook.

I didn’t have enough to finish both sides of the cushion so I had to order a second roll which was quite different in size and feel to the first one. But it’s a cushion, right, so there is a front and back and whichever way the cushion is sitting it wouldn’t matter, both sides look good. If you wanted to make a cushion cover yourself I would suggest you buy enough in one go. But that’s the reason why using a yarn that’s recycled or salvaged as an offcut is so marvellous in my eyes.

And I’m so in love with the texture! I just want to touch it every time I walk past the chair.

Which might be a bit tricky as HRH has discovered the cushion and claimed it as her day bed. She gets away with murder, I tell you!



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