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Road Trip, Barbie-style

Don’t even get me started … Barbie, in all her Road Trip glamour!  Isn’t she wonderful!  She’s still my girl.  I found this fabulous image on Pinterest.  A fabulous place to linger.

Not that there’s been any lingering going on around here.  I have a road trip to take tomorrow.  To Canberra.  From Melbourne.  That’s a mighty big day behind the wheel.  Wonder if I’ll look as glamorous as Barbs?

There will be stops along the way at some favourite country town bakeries (yes, Holbrook, I’m talking about you!).

There will be talking books.  I have 3 from the library and one from my own book shelf.  You can’t be too careful.  Nothing is worse than starting a book and not enjoying the story, or the story teller, especially when stuck behind the wheel for 8 hours or so.

There will be day dreaming, and rememberings, and chats with myself, and mental list-making, and some crazy out-of-control singing at the top of my voice (it’s the 70s for me at the moment, with great thanks to Puberty Blues, and I think Boston’s ‘More Than A Feeling’ will get more than it’s fair share of air time).

There will be anxiety about getting to an interstate venue and setting up and hoping I remembered everything and hoping I packed enough.

There will be coffee breaks.  Lots of coffee breaks.

There will be frost!  Apparently there is a forecast for frost and minus 1 on Sunday morning in Canberra.  Brrr.

There will be ghosts.  Lots of ghosts.  I used to live in Canberra before moving to Melbourne 15 years ago and around every corner is a memory long forgotten.

And there will be a market!  The Handmade Canberra Upmarket.  I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday, please say Hello if you are popping by!

September 27, 2012 - 12:05 pm

Frankie and Ray - Safe and happy travelling….but…minus 1?? Really?! Jo xx

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