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On my desk

It’s all rosy at Chez Crayon. Not that I’ve got time to stop to smell them, but rosy all the same! Having said that, these blooms are so heavenly scented they are filling my workroom with the best perfume.

The energy at this time of the year is so motivating, isn’t it? I think there’s a collective urgency to Get Things Done Before Christmas which is just contagious. I was enjoying a gorgeous (sunny) catch up with my favourite Little Bird and we were marvelling at how we all seem to have a great need to get everything done before Christmas, whether it could wait until January or not.
And I think being in the southern hemisphere and coming out of our winter slumbers into the sunshine helps drive that urgency. I wonder if I would feel the same if I was entering winter and starting to cocoon and hibernate instead?
Southern sun or northern firesides, where ever you are I hope it’s a good energy that moves you along!

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