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Scoot to it, another market day

Time to scoot (pardon my very deliberate pun!) to the workroom to put together some last minute bits and pieces for day 2 of Magnolia Square at the St Kilda Town Hall. It was just lovely to see people I’ve met at previous markets and especially lovely to get some really nice feedback. I put a lot of work into making things to be proud of and things I would like to keep myself so to hear your responses is always the best part of my day. Thanks to everyone who had a chat with me today and I hope to meet you again soon.

Meanwhile, how cool is this Vespa poster! I found it at Galerie Montmartre’s too-gorgeous-for-words blog, Femme de Montmartre, it’s hip, it’s cool, so frenchy so chic, it’s a little bit Audrey and I love it. I also love Vespas and have seriously coveted one for more than a decade now. Have you ever come across Galerie Montmartre’s vintage posters? You must! Especially if anyone feels inclined to buy this Vespa poster for me. It’s exactly 6 months until my birthday and I seriously don’t think it’s too early to start dropping hints! Wink wink.

March 20, 2010 - 10:36 am

Shelley Trbuhovich - a very sweet post, michelle. thank-you so much! it was great to see you on friday, i hope the fair was successful and a lovely time for you. x

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