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Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 4.32.06 PMOne of the most wonderful things about what I do is that I know all these amazing people.  Does that make me clever by association?  I hope so!  And it’s so flattering when these very clever and talented people say lovely things about my work.  When you spend all day and night in your own isolated work bubble it’s nice to get some feedback from those-in-the-know.

It’s also exciting when I see the wonderful things these amazing people do and I just know all the hard work and effort and heartbreak and high-5 moments that go along with it all.  It sort of sets a benchmark in my mind, something to aim for.  It sets certain standard I’d like to maintain in my own development and how I conduct myself in this very tricky world of ‘working for yourself’ and being an original creative (emphasis on ‘original’ because there is no heartbreak more devastating than copy cats).

A very long time ago, in the feeble beginnings of my work as a proper creative, I met Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread.  I felt completely intimidated by the quality of her designs but never by Lisa.  Generous, supportive, interested and just down-right nice – there was nothing intimidating about her which makes her even more awe-inspiring!  I’ve keenly watched her own brand grow and develop and I’m so proud to refer to The Red Thread as ‘one of my people’ when ever I refer to fellow creatives I’ve met.

And it’s with great pride that I share Lisa’s latest achievement.  Her very own MAGAZINE!  Yes, can you imagine how AWESOME that would be, to have your very own magazine!  I bought a copy the day it was released.  And I can’t tell you how honoured I am to have my little leather dishes in it.  It’s such a beautiful magazine with things to make and bake and give.

SCOUT is available now.  It’s super easy to get your own copy and what a delicious little read to have on my summer reading list.




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