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Setting the mood

Zippered Bag by Crayon Chick, thanks lovely Flickr you’re so much fun!

My latest distraction (oh how I love a distraction!) is filing my music in my iTunes library.

When my cup of tea and I go into the workroom for some creative creating I’m very inspired by the mood of the room – the light, the colours on my desk, and sounds. Sometimes I’m in the mood for some very grown up ABC talkback (I love a radio quiz), sometimes it’s a talking book, and sometimes it’s music.
I couldn’t name my favourite track on my favourite album by my favourite band, only that I love the red one and if I feel like singing along to something I’ll grab the blue one too.
And that’s where my iPod and I aren’t on the same page. It’s just a boring list of words which mean very little to me, so I scroll around and around until I recognise one and play that. Thousands of songs and I’ve been reduced to listening to only 5 favourites because they are the only ones I recognise! And because the iPod library is a merge of boyfriend music with my girl music there’s a whole lot of stuff in there best left lost!
Since upgrading from a tiny laptop to an enormous flight-deck of a desktop we now have enough memory to maintain 2 separate libraries – woo hoo – so I get to customise my very own music!
For starters:
  • delete toute suite all boy music
  • re-classify genres – much harder than it sounds, it confuses me … is it Dance? Rock? Electro? … and no matter what I decide I know I’ll change my mind the next time I log on (“Folk?! Why did I put them in there???”)
  • rediscovering favourites not heard in years …. Style Council is suddenly on very high rotation!
  • move all furniture out of the way for spontaneous dancing and loud singing …. Shout To The Top, anyone? I dare you not start dancing when you hear it!
  • remembering my youth, my lovely long ago youth – hello Me of the New Romantics era, nice to see you again, care to dance in the lounge-room like no-one’s watching?

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