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Sharpen those pencils

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My favourite time of the year … time for new school supplies!

Have you got someone off to school with a new school bag, a new lunch box, new pencil case with freshly sharpened pencils?  Have you been putting name tags on everything.  Buffing new shoes.  Sorting through a pencil case was my favourite thing, justifying new pencil sharpeners, rubbers, 2 blue pens, 1 red pen.  The ruler was usually ok.  New stationery.  Love!

And lets not forget the joy of getting the list of supplies we needed for each subject.  Science always required the mega 320 page exercise book!  And covering the books.  I loved covering the books.

I would spend the first week back at school ruling margins in the first few pages, all ready for diligent note-taking and academic exercises.  Funny how I remember all the title pages and neatly lined margins but not the content.

No Mum, this is not an opportunity to laugh at my ‘study’ habits.  Besides, I stand firm that all pencils should be sharpened before embarking on any serious homework.  Always!

Yours truly, Grade 3.  With baubles, remember those!  Well it was the 70s.
January 30, 2013 - 11:54 am

Frankie and Ray - You haven’t changed a bit!! Loved my baubles. Remember how sad it was when the bauble broke in half? xx

January 30, 2013 - 8:24 am

Thea - Yes, I remember the baubles. I thought I was super-cool wearing them to school too.

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