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Sharpening pencils

I heard a great turn of phrase the other day.  Administrivia.  It was on the radio, something about an author/film maker who has a side kick who deals with all the administrivia leaving the creative to get on with things creative.

Sharpening pencils.  That’s what Mum has always said I did.   These days I could add refolding the stash …. untangling yarn …. checking the mail …. it’s something you say you have to do before actually doing what you really should be doing.  Classic procrastination?  Maybe, but because you can’t do your homework until your pencils are sharpened I’d say it’s more likely administrivia!  It’s administrative, it’s trival, but it still needs to be done.  Eventually.

I’m a great list writer.  And a great one for putting the kettle on for a cup of tea to catch my breath in between tasks.  And it occurs to me both these ‘activities’ would fall neatly under the administrivia label.

I had a squillion things to do yesterday and my natural default position was to berate myself for fluffing each time I caught myself hot in the act of unnecessary busy-ness.

I moved the photos on my computer’s desktop to a more pleasing layout under the pretence of making them easier to find.

I diligently paperclipped receipts.

I read all September blog posts on my reader list.

I deleted the trash emails from my junk file.

I filed the Emergency Vet flyer in my cat’s folder.  (Yes, I think keeping a ‘cat’s file’ without doubt falls into the administrivia category).

I removed all the labels and stacked in order of height the recycled jars saved for crochet sleeves despite not actually planning any sleeve making until next week.

In the spirit of being kinder to myself, I think dealing with administrivia helps me to stay organised and clutter free which leads to efficiency and productivity.  Big words for a Friday.  But it’s true!  Necessary busy-ness!  And we all know the best ideas happen when you busy yourself with other tasks – like remembering something while in the shower, problem solving while washing up, crisis not looking so critical while watching for the kettle to boil.

See, administrivia is necessary and I wish I had a side kick to help out with it!

October 5, 2012 - 8:05 am

Ellieboo - Administrivia – I like it, I like it – and holy gamoly I am well behind in my administrivia!

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