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Sneaky obsessions catching me off guard

I didn’t see this latest obsession sneak up. The best ones always arrive by stealth! It wasn’t until I got another library notice saying my reservation was ready for pick up that I’d realised my latest biography crush is on Joanna Lumley. Who knew! That’s 2 Joanna biographies in a row, back to back, and I still want more.

The mad thing is I’ve got a pile of novels by my bed which include other biographies such as Coco Chanel, Dame Judi Dench and Princess Masako the Crown Princess of Japan. I haven’t consciously gathered these girls together, they just found their own way onto my reading pile.
Of course there’s no time for reading between now and Christmas. Especially this week with Magnolia Square opening at St Kilda on Friday – hoorah! And today is such a gorgeous sunny spring day. It’s always a shame the good weather starts just as my busy time ramps up and all I want to do is potter in the garden. The sun on the jasmine is utterly hypnotising.
Well that’s that for today, as much as there isn’t any time for coffee breaks there’s no way I could go without!
Until next break time!
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