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Solid Gold

And speaking of the 70s … today I sat down to have my elevenses with a book found in my mother-in-law’s stash.  It’s a crochet book.  The cover features a man in all his glorious 70s hirsute-ness, complete with pipe (I knew there was something missing from my crochet practice) and he’s sitting in his yarn-ey den surrounded by hanging hanks and spinning wheels.

I just knew it was going to be solid gold before I even opened the cover.

And open the cover I did to a gasp of wonder!  The first page is our cover bloke, he’s replaced his pipe with a bunch of balloons and is frolicking in a meadow in crochet long johns.


The whole book is very Barbara and Tom from The Good Life.  If Tom ever wore a crochet coat and danced with his goat …….

I instagrammed my elevenses, of course.  And got the most fascinating comments about the book.  Apparently it’s available on Amazon for no less than $60!  The hardback even more.  What’s with that?!

It’s not all frolicking blokes, like this handy bit about re-using yarn and how to get the kinks out.  That’s my kind of 70s thinking. (By the way, you unravel directly onto your hands/elbows and secure the hank with 4 loose ties.  Wash as you would the garment and hang to dry away from direct heat lightly weighted with books or water bottles to remove kinks.)

Knew it was gold!

January 31, 2013 - 7:22 am

Frankie and Ray - Oh, I can’t decide if the goat picture or the long johns are my favourite! Gold.

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