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Spring happenings

I’m a bit of a gardener. I love deadheading and pruning, hunting for bugs and weeding – I love it all. I love wandering around gardens, and my favourite part of my morning walk is to watch what’s happening in the neighbourhood gardens.

And I especially love grabbing a pair of scissors at lunchtime to harvest some fresh ingredients for my salads. The lovely weather last weekend was the perfect opportunity to get on top of the garden after it’s winter slumber. We finally placed the ancient and massively heavy concrete laundry tub from nanna’s backyard onto our deck and planted out some fresh seedlings ready for summer lunches.
I’d like to think I’ve recreated a lovely Tuscan al fresco space. We know I’m dreaming! But it still makes me happy to imagine!

October 11, 2011 - 1:34 am

Frankie and Ray - Is that a strawberry plant I see? How delicious! x

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