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Spring is here!

Covered jar with yellow satin trim by Crayon Chick
This week’s theme in my online POP Up is, naturally, Spring!
Covered jar in stripes, small with red rim by Crayon Chick
It’s weird that we recognise the beginning of spring on a calendar date, rather than the movement of the sun over the equator. The rest of the 4 seasoned world recognises spring on the equinox. The point when the sun crosses the equator. This isn’t for another 3 weeks, and because I’m such a sun girl I’ll take the end of winter as soon as I can!

So happy spring! Happy return of the sun and balmy days and long twilights! Pick yourself a posy and hop online and grab a cute little crochet vase from my POP Up before Monday!
Covered jar with cherry red trim by Crayon Chick


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