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Oh?  Did you feel that?  On Saturday?  It was Spring springing into gear. Hoorah! At long last.

It was the Equinox, when the sun is directly over the equator and we have equal day and night.  In the northern hemisphere this is the start of the next season.  Fabulously ancient and astrological.  We follow a roman calendar and history has determined we like the beginning of our season to sit neatly at the beginning of the month.  Neat and orderly.

Even though Australia has officially had 24 days of spring so far, it wasn’t until Saturday that it felt like the harbingers of spring really knew what they were talking about.  Finally it made sense why the blossoms and bulbs were in flower.  It was indeed spring.

We sat on our front porch and basked in the sun.  We enjoyed the bees and birds in the garden as we basked in the sun.  We drank cider (not the fluffy ‘we’, just us ordinary 2 legged types), we crocheted (again, not all of us enjoyed this activity, I was alone on that one), and we hung out.  In the sun.  And it was a lovely Saturday.

September 25, 2012 - 6:24 am

Juicy Roo - So sweet! Love your furry friend. Would this be the furry friend that likes to rest on your shoulders while you stitch/crochet?!

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