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Starting an Online Business for Dummies

I was very delighted to have been introduced to Melissa Norfolk , owner of Norfolk Internet Group Pty Ltd and author of Starting an Online Business for Dummies. I’m overwhelmingly impressed with her ability to edit a phone interview with a babbling chat-a-box like me into a comprehensive interview to publish on her blog!

It’s funny looking back at the early days and wonder how I got here. I didn’t start with a business plan and a mission statement. I didn’t have a marketing background, I’m not a desktop publisher (forms and flyers do my head in!), my only graphic skills when I started was taking red-eye out of snapshots. What I did have was a passionate love of what I could do, friends who convinced me my idea would work, a mad need to use my skills and abilities, and a tendency to throw myself whole-heartedly into a project. And the rest just fell into place. Easy! I also love a chat, that helps.
If you love what you do – do it! Do it everyday. Love it everyday. Who knows where it will lead you.
September 8, 2010 - 6:37 am

frankie and ray - And your passion shows in everything you do! And who says you can’t teach us ‘old dogs’ a new trick or two?

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