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Stick phases

Hello old friend!

It’s like I turned my back for a second and there you are.  Have I been that busy I missed the bud phase?  I love my garden, I love that there’s always something to look at.  Especially this time of year when everything wakes for the sun.  When my To Do List gets out of control I take my cup of tea out to the garden and take a deep breath and all is well.  There is nothing like a little spontaneous dead-heading to keep me on track.

We have an ongoing banter at Chez Crayon about my lilac.  It’s deciduous you see, and spends half the year masquerading as a stick.  And suddenly … kapow! … it’s spring and my old friend is back with it’s beautiful heart-shaped leaves and clusters of sweet smelling flowers.

Sometimes we just have to know that stick phases pass and wonder returns.

October 23, 2012 - 8:00 am

Frankie and Ray - Ah, I can almost smell that delicious lilac scent. Such a beautiful old fashioned plant, and so worth the stick phase! (funny, I’ve just realised I’ve never seen – or smelt – one down here, it must be just the wrong place for lilac…)

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