Crayon Chick » An indie business of old crafts and new tricks, designer/maker, artist and keen on elevenses.

Still making making making

I feel like I’m morphing into the human pin cushion at the moment. If I have too much tea I think I’ll turn into a tea fountain!

Busy? You bet! Burning the midnight oil? Totally!

So many lovely orders have come in for Kids With Crayons and they are all just too cute for words! And with all these fabulous markets this little Crayon Chick is run off her feet trying to restock goodies. I’ve had a lot of people ask if I sell online. I definitely do, and once this Christmas rush settles down my online stores at madeit and Etsy will be full of Crayon Chick goodness. I promise!
Until then it’s off to market, to market, to buy some lovely handmade delights!

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