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I’ve been going to my yoga class (almost) everyday this week and I’m on a mission to create space.  A mental space.  A space for calm and stillness and quiet.

It had become too easy to say “I’m too busy” to fit an hour of anything not related to work into my day.  An hour.  That’s all.  I was envious of the luxury of time others seemed to have to read a magazine, have coffee with a friend, go to a movie, bake, do Sudoku, exercise.  Yes, I am crazy busy and I have enough work on my plate to fill every hour of my waking day, however, I noticed moments frittered away unproductively pretending to be busy when in fact it was part of me just wanting stillness, just for a minute, and I was denying myself that time.  I wasn’t as productive as I could have been, I certainly wasted time and I still don’t know doing what, I joked about procrastinating.  I know it’s a subconscious part of me looking for balance to the noisy busy and demanding.  Sometimes!  Other times it’s just good old-fashioned Putting Things Off Because I Don’t Know How To Start.  Only human!

Just as my body needs awareness and training to let go of tension and stress … and poor posture, so does my mind.  I’m giving myself space and stillness for my New Year.

I hope you’ve found something to make your new year better for you too.


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