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Suitcases of stuff

Chain of hearts by Crayon Chick. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I accidentally forgot to take them off my kitchen cupboards and they didn’t get packed. Oops!

Twenty four hours. That’s it until I land in Brisbane for this weekend’s Finders Keepers. I’m very excited, I’ve worked myself into a making frenzy, burning the midnight oil and flapping. A lot. I’m taking 2 suitcases this time and had it in my head the 2nd suitcase means I can take so much more. How wrong could I be! I’ve got a few new goodies that may not make The Suitcase Cut.

I just love this market. This will be my first time travelling to Brisbane as Crayon Chick and I know Finders Keepers has a strong history in Brisbane.
If you are in the area I couldn’t recommend a visit enough. It’s at The Old Museum in Herston, all day Saturday and Sunday. One of the reasons these markets are so special is because it’s a the whole package, food and live music, and us! Win!
Don’t get your hopes up, this cushion that may not fit in the suitcase. So much for that great idea!
Lovely holders ready to be packed. Oh yeah, and labelled, better add that to my Last Minute To Do List.
See you there!
June 30, 2011 - 6:15 am

Frankie and Ray - So much gorgeous stuff, so little space! And your cushion has come up a treat. Any chance you might take it as ‘carry on’? Most of all, have fun! Jo x

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