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Summer’s end


One of my favourite spots to sit is on my back deck.  I have created a few sitting nooks where I can chase the sun through the year.  Each year I plant my tiny kitchen garden and adore harvesting a handful of greens and herbs everyday.  I’ve got a pot of kale for the first time and if anyone could tell me how to keep the bugs off that would be great!  I’ve never known a plant to be so covered in every bug and its a daily job to check for hungry munching caterpillars.

This favourite worn wicker chair is the only spot in winter where the sun reaches for an hour and it’s the perfect spot to eat my winter lunch, if it’s sunny.

In the middle of summer it bakes in the scorching sun for hours.

I love tracking the movement of the sun and I’m now noticing it’s return to the north.  It always catches me by surprise.  We’ve had some glorious balmy early autumn evenings and the sun shines down the side of the house leaving beautiful shadows on the fence.  In the next few days the sun will move too far north to catch this corner.

Autumn is my favourite season, but it’s arrival is always bittersweet as it means saying goodbye to sunny decks and balmy evenings.




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