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Ta dah! Waiting for hot buttered toast …….

Those glorious long lazy days of summer are here, hoorah! My days with no List Of Things To Do have gone something like this:

  • Made apricot jam – the absolute smell of summer
  • Stayed cool in a movie theatre watching Sherlock Holmes (mmm, Robert Downey Jnr, I think I have a little crush on you!)
  • Idled away time drinking coffee and pretending I was anywhere other than the courtyard of the local cafe down the main street. Provence, peut etre? Italy? Spain???
  • Bought trashy novels for some luxuriously indulgent days reading books – in daylight, gasp, what a treat!
  • Drank beer (it’s damn hot)
  • Read the day’s paper on the day it was printed. I usually catch snatches about 6 weeks later as I lay sheets of paper on my table during messy crafting.
  • Reading (not just furtively flicking through) magazines. What joy!
I’m always astounded how much sugar goes into making jam.
I waited until the cool of the evening before my jam making session. I felt so Pioneer Woman cooking by the lights from Christmas tree.
It’s a messy job and not for the faint-hearted! I used the recipe from Maggie’s Harvest. Maggie Beer is one of my all time favourite cooking girls.
And time for a sit down with some favourite magazines I’ve been saving for my summer days.
Sherlock Holmes didn’t disappoint – a cool director made a cool movie with cool dudes …. lots of action, not too much thinking, a bit of eye-candy, an air-conditioned cinema. Cool!
The find of the summer so far – “6 Thrilling Romances From The 50’s” by Mills and Boon. This box set includes titles such as ‘Virgin With Butterflies’ (she’s a smooth blonde with enough real glamour not to need makeup – especially when she’s in tight white satin). And ‘Pardon My Body’ (from the moment Dale’s headlights hit the stockinged legs of lovely Julia Casson, trouble moved right in on him – and stayed there.)

I love it!
Cafe time. A cheeky barista with a heart! Enjoying a lovely long lunch with a Melbourne-style siesta.
January 3, 2010 - 11:44 am

Art by Wiley - We made jam over the new year too! It really is the best kitchen aroma ever, isn’t it?

December 31, 2009 - 6:38 am

frankie and ray - Oh, bliss….what more can I say?
Snap! Pia and I saw Sherlock Holmes at the Mechanics Hall on Tuesday night. Still can’t decide if I merely liked it or loved it. But those boys are easy on the eye, no?

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