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Swedish Furniture Name

How much fun is this! What’s your Swedish Furniture Name? Mine is KRÅIÖNYN SFIKK, I’m a side table! Saw this doing the rounds on Twitter and loved it so much.

This afternoon is cold, dark and windy. I’ve been working away like a Duracell bunny all week and a friend has just popped around for a spontaneous afternoon tea with a tray of baked goodies from the milk bar. What perfect timing. I figured a little bit of frivolity before heading back into the studio won’t hurt anyone!
Not that this gaggle of girls haven’t kept me entertained. Better get back to it, they certainly aren’t going to make themselves into a necklace ……

April 28, 2010 - 11:49 pm

Susannah - I do love random afternoon teas! I’ve given you a blog award – one of my fav Melb crafty chicks! You can grab the award pic and rules from todays post!

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