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Sweet new garlands and some travel treasures

It seems no sooner do I put a sweet new garland together than it’s snapped up quicker than you can say “I’ll have that sweet new garland, thank you!”
I love this colourway – it’s called Sorbet – and matches some of my travel treasures perfectly!  
My sweet new Sorbet Garland is now available online!

They’re staring.  If they had fingers I’m sure they’d be drumming them on the desk wondering when they’re going to get one to keep for themselves!

Do you like my little travel treasures?  The little wooden couple in the front came from an antique market in Hanoi, Vietnam.  And the too-fabulous-for-words paper mache figurehead was discovered in the most amazing cramped and creaky shop full of curios and vintage treasures in Vancouver, Canada.  Insanely difficult to pack in a very full suitcase but that’s the joy of the travel treasure, isn’t it?!


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