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Taking stock – a list

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Pip from Meet Me At Mikes has put together a very inspiring list called Taking Stock and encouraged anyone to give it a go.  I’ve read some totally amazing lists, people are so interesting, and a few beyond cryptic which was a bit too ‘secret squirrel’ for me, they made me feel like an outsider, like watching the cool kids from the other side of the playground.  Which made me not want to play along at first.

But I didn’t want to be intimidated.  When you don’t have kids to talk about, when you work from home and don’t venture past the front gate some days, when you’re not much of a cook with freshly baked goods to share then all you have is a big old Groundhog Day and who’s going to be interested in that. But it’s my Groundhog Day and I’m a pretty happy and easy going girl and I wanted to play along so let’s give this list a whirl, Shirl.

To bring you up to date … it’s just me, my man and my cat in a small house in suburban Melbourne.  My days look like this:  I crochet, I make coffee, I crochet.  The heat killed my chilli but my chives survived.  My cat is my constant companion and sleeps most of the time.  Often on the chives.  I stop for elevenses, but not always at eleven.  Today is Sunday.  It’s hot, a heatwave in fact, and this is pretty much what’s in my head today.

Making  :  garlands – I have about a million of them that need to be sent out this week
Cooking :  a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese in my scrambled eggs
Drinking  :  tea in the beginning, coffee in the middle and a cheeky red at the end
Reading  :  library books downloaded to my phone
Wanting  :  a spreadsheet to prevent a GST brain explosion
Looking  :  at my cat sprawled out on the floor without a care in the world
Playing  :  sudoku in my lunch break
Deciding  :  whether or not to keep these new shoes I bought online which are a size too small
Wishing  :  it would rainBlue 1

Enjoying  :  sneaking off to a movie matinee mid week
Waiting  :  for all the things I didn’t get around to in 2013 to be done and dusted so I can get on with 2014
Liking  :  just about every picture on Instagram
Wondering  :  if I’ll still love So You Think You can Dance with Carrie hosting and Paula judging – hmmmm
Loving  :  summer nights sleeping with just a sheet and no doona
Pondering  :  how long my summer-stressed garden will take to recover
Watching  :   The Good Life box set (“Thank you verrrry much, Jerrrrry”)
Hoping  :  my new ideas come together in my hands as spectacularly as they do in my head
Marvelling  :  at being able to pull dinner together from a fridge of left-overs and an uninspired pantry
Needing  :  to find a new green yarn to replace a favourite which is now discontinued – why is green the hardest to shade to get right?
Smelling  :  my washing after it’s been outside on the line for the day – it never smells like that in winter drying on the fold out clothes horse!
Wearing  :  summery lipsticks with names like “Drop Of Sherry” and ” Sunset Blush”
Following  :  my favourite blogs on bloglovin’.blue 2Noticing  :  blues, turquoise, sea green and aqua – these colours are seriously popping up everywhere!  The images here are all from my last trip to Cambodia and Thailand
Feeling  :  like I can make things happen with a bit of hard work and effort, instead of relying on luck and magic wands which are never around when you need to get things done
Admiring  :  people who just get on with getting things done
Sorting  :  sorting through my yarn stash and deciding what’s hot and what’s not
Buying  :  the miracle that is dry shampoo!
Bookmarking  :  recipes for every-day-nothing-fancy-last-minute-meals to add to my repertoire
Disliking  :  how quickly the day runs away from me.  I suspect I have some control over that if I put my mind to it!
Opening  :  nothing … all the blinds are down and doors are shut in an effort to escape the heat
Giggling  :  at my cat, every single day that little ball of fluff and mischief makes me laugh out loud
Feeling  :  that this is going to be a good year



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