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Talking books

I’ve got a new thing to share!

I finally discovered how to download talking books from my library!  How exciting is that!  Yes, I am an easily pleased girl.  

I work with my hands and it’s very important to have my head engaged and entertained otherwise I just wouldn’t sit still long enough to get anything done.  The only way to stay firmly planted in a seat is to be in the right headspace and mentally occupied.  And a cuppa on hand.

The tv usually fills this gap, I record favourite series and old movies in the middle of the night and watch them during the day when I crochet.  Although I can easily be 3/4 the way through a movie and realise I have no idea what the lead characters look like!

I like the radio and have favourite programs to listen to.  I’m a community radio and ABC girl.  How much do I love a radio quiz!

Then there are podcasts.  They are amazing, for a short term.  I find it annoying to sit through too many at once.  This American Life and The Moth are pretty good.

And music, natch!

But my favourite, and most effective way to stay rooted in one spot, is a talking book.  What is a road trip without a talking book!  I am a frequent borrower from my local library.  Have you got one nearby?    Did you know you can borrow talking books!  Free!  Fabulous!

The only problem is, CD players are quickly going the way of the tape deck.  We just don’t listen to our CDs anymore, everything is digital and wi-fi, and iphone and ipod and itunes.  And then you have to make the trips to the library to borrow and return – oh it’s a hard life.

Image from The Guardian
Disturbingly familiar!!!

Until now!

It took a little mucking about to get set up but within the hour I had 2 books downloaded and ready to listen to and I didn’t even have to wait for the library to open!

They are sitting on my iPhone, which means I can listen to them ANYWHERE!  I can go for a walk without looking like a sad old Luddite carrying a Discman.

You need an app – Borrow Box – you need to register, select a library, enter your library card number and password and the world of talking books is at hand.

So that’s me, I’m off to the PO and when I return I will make a cuppa, settle on the couch with crochet in hand and have a blissful couple of hours entrenched in a new talking book.

May 23, 2013 - 6:19 am

Piccadilly Market - I have just downloaded the App, great post, thanks for sharing.

May 13, 2013 - 6:40 am

yardage girl - What a great idea ~ will try it! Happy making! x

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