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The Date …. and Book Club

I’ve got a few rules about my summer project, the numbers are revealed to me in spooky ways through the day. And by spooky I mean I employ all manner of ‘artistic licence’ to make connections! Such as FINALLY finding time to sit back and indulge in some new novel reading and getting up to chapter 4 before stopping to make a cup of tea. Chapter 4 …. on the 4th! Ta-dah, project material!

Today I’m doubling up – I’ve got the 4th and the 5th to share.
And what a fabulous novel it is. A new Christmas book. Santa did well. Jo, you’ll love this as the perfect beach book!
You know I’m mad for Man Men. You may not have known how mad I was for Paper Giants, a wonderful drama on the ABC this year about the birth of Cleo magazine, Ita Buttrose, Kerry Packer and all the music and fashion of the early 70’s.
The dust cover of my new wonderful novel – Freudian Slip by Marion Von Adlerstein – says “Man Men … Paper Giants … The Freudian Slip. Looking back has never been so entertaining. A deliciously witty novel about three very different women, all trying to make their own way in a man’s world.”
Clever Santa didn’t miss a beat, this had my name all over it and that’s before I gush over the sheer perfection of the font and frock on the cover!
I loved Cleo. There’s a fabulous blog post about Paper Giants and Cleo at Absolute Beginners
Those frocks! Mad Men gals from Couture Allure
And in a massive effort not to read anything online as I browse for pictures (spoilers, sweetie!) I did notice season 5 is due to air in the States in March. Spooky coincidence – I learn about season 5 … on the 5th!
You knew he’d turn up!

January 5, 2012 - 6:37 am

Frankie and Ray - How wonderful! A personal recommendation! And perfect timing too, I’ve just finished another fantastic John Le Carre and am so ready for something else. You know I always love to know what you’re reading. That’s it, I’m off to the bookshop!

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