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The Date …. and Paddle Pops

The third!

As my man pops down to the shop for a Paddle Pop – and there’s my childhood summers right there on a stick! – I’m wondering if it’s cooler inside the house or out.
Today I’ve picked up new glasses from the optometrist. I’m a little self-conscious, I’m not a natural glasses wearer, or hat wearer come to think of it. I’m under instruction to wear them often to get used to them so I guess I’ll be over that little foible before long.
Today I chatted with my local nursery blokes about tomato russet mites. Seems I have them. Bugger.
This morning I noticed the return of the rumbling traffic droning away in the background with the end of the public holidays. I can’t get over how beautifully quiet it is early in the morning on public holidays.

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