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The Date cont. – 2nd

I’m fully committed to my summer project – otherwise how else would you describe a nut wandering around the neighbourhood hunting images led by her iPhone camera like it’s some divining stick when it’s nearly 40 degrees!

40 degrees. Yep, it’s hot. Hello Summer, you’ve been holding out on us.
What I’m enjoying about this project is that it’s (quite literally) marking the days. I still can’t believe how last week just seemed to evaporate without me even noticing the days pass. I’m not going to lose time like that again in a hurry. And I’m going to use this exercise not only to make pictures – one of my all time favourite past-times – but to be aware and witness each day.
Today is the 2nd.
Today is my sister’s birthday – happy birthday you gorgeous girl!!!
Today I’m listening to my new Florence + The Machine album (disc – for you new modern young things).
I’ve just had a coffee and muffin at a cafe for elevenses.
I resumed my crochet schedule at the crack of dawn this morning to beat the heat. It’s just too horrible working with yarn when it’s hot. You could say I’m a ‘fair weather hooker’ !!!
I’m currently debating whether or not to leave that last truly awful pun in here or not. Figured you’re all on holidays anyway and only one or two of you will notice!
Today is only Monday and the beginning of a week full of potential.
Have I inspired you to witness your days? I hope so.
January 2, 2012 - 11:33 am

Frankie and Ray - ahahaha! I’m glad you left it in, you make me laugh!

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