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The eleventh hour

My current favourite fabric in a Button Necklace by Crayon Chick

I’m feeling quite unnerved this evening with my entire stock packed away in boxes, squished to an inch of it’s life with plastic wrap and trundling it’s way to Adelaide in a big old freight truck. I’ve never freighted my stock before so my next post after the Bowerbird Bazaar might be interesting. Not to mention the lack of country town bakery reviews. I’m sad about missing out on another road trip – you know I love them!

I’ve already checked in online for my flight (modern technology is fabulous) and all I need to do it get myself to the airport on time. Sounds easy. So why am I still up with a million things still to put together? I’m freaking out a bit, but at least the cat is keeping my head to the ground … literally… she’s sitting on the back of my neck as I type. That’s my girl!
So I’d better get back to it, I’ve got some last minute packaging I want to get done tonight. There’s a pile of sewing sitting next to the machine that I thought I’d put together at the last minute, and if there’s any time to spare (hahahahaha) I’ve got some other crafty bits I wouldn’t mind taking with me.
And pack. What to wear? As long as it goes with my new button necklace in my favourite fabric du jour because I’m dying to wear it.
See you at the Queen’s Theatre this weekend for another fabulous Bowerbird Bazaar.

October 6, 2010 - 11:58 pm

Frankie and Ray - Bon voyage! Hope you have a fabulous and thoroughly fun time over the border. Airport vanilla slices certainly won’t be the same as the ones from a country bakery….Jo x

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