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The night I made pasta

I bought a rolling pin yesterday.  My very first one.  This might give you an indication of the level of competency I have in the kitchen … delayed!  I also bought my first ever pack of ’00’ pasta flour.  I decided yesterday was the day I gave pasta making a go.  Ravioli?  Sure!

There is no pasta making gene in my gene pool.  I’ve never been in a kitchen where pasta is being made so I don’t have a mental blue print of how it’s supposed to look.  I’m purely a tv cooking show junkie and my go-forth confidence has come from a craving for pasta and Alessandro-the-spunk (Alessandro’s Italian Food Challenge, SBS2).  The silky stretchy dough looks so tangible and hands on, surely a girl who decides crocheting with wire and string because of the tactile end result would love this? I did love it, but it was an epic fail!

It started to go pear shaped when the well I made in my flour wasn’t big enough to contain my eggs.  Then my dough  didn’t look exactly silky and elastic. It was more crepe than silk and it was tearing. I kneaded and kneaded until it was quite bouncy but I was never satisfied it was silky enough.  My ravioli looked like the right size raw but after their time in the pot they quadrupled in size and barely fit on the plate!

But I maintained confidence, how could these flavours not work – a ricotta/basil/lemon filling, a pine nut butter sauce, fresh cracked black pepper, a glass of red??  They were too thick.  They pushed the boundary of al-dente.  They were rubbery. They were enormous!

On a good note, the wine was good, and what a workout, who needs push ups!

This is NOT how my dinner looked!  But this scrummy image is from The Photo Kitchen Blog and I’ve bookmarked the recipe for my next attempt.  I think I bonded with this author when she said after her first attempt at pasta making she ended up ordering takeaway pizza.

I have also added pasta maker to my shopping list.

May 13, 2012 - 7:59 am

Mookah - I was going to say “that looks fantastic”, but now I’ll just say practice makes perfect and better luck next time! You’ve made me salivate.

May 13, 2012 - 2:58 am

Frankie and Ray - Oh dear! Never mind, give it another go. But, oh, the disappointment…
(confession: never made pasta myself, probably unlikely to ever make pasta myself)

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