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The story of my new knot necklace

Knot necklace (worn) with text
This is the story about my new Knot Necklace.

In that delicious cruise-y limbo week between Christmas and New Year, my man decided he’d ‘help’ me out by pre-cutting a million lengths of rope for my Knot Necklaces, setting an expectation that I would spend my down time in this cruise-y limbo week between Christmas and New Year knotting a million knots. Bless.
So with just a little bit of passive/aggressive harrumphing I started churning out knots.

I packed the million pre-cut lengths of rope with me for my week in the caravan park in the bush with Mum and Dad.
Dad is a builder and we’ve had many phone chats about rope and knots and hardware stores. I’m pretty sure there were a few calls where he would have looked as bemused as he sounded when I told him what I was up to. And there’s no bigger cheerleader than my Mum, the original creative.
One evening in the caravan, I was showing my Dad how I tied the knots. He gave one a try while I was making a cup of tea. He was quite proud of his ‘interpretation’ of my knot. I loved it! It was destined for the mood board (surely the mood board is the crafters version of a Pool Room!). It was a nice reminder of this lovely week shared with my parents. You see, as the eldest of four kids and leaving the family home to live interstate in a flat of my own just as I turned 19, there wasn’t much time spent with them on my own. So these weeks spent in the caravan just the 3 of us is more precious to me than anything.
In the days that followed I mulled over Dad’s knot. It was beautiful. In one of those light-bulb moments, with just a bit of tweaking, I saw it as a necklace. It was perfect! If only he could remember how he did it! So between the 2 of us we fiddled and twisted and knotted and un-knotted until we figured it out. Hoorah! The birth of a new Knot Necklace!
Dad knot collage
Celebrated as only a crafter would, by dragging my Dad around the garden to pose for an Instagram photo!

Lots and lots of tweaking and decision making later and I now have available online a new range in glorious new colours. Chambray, peach, smoke, tangerine, and (my favourite) terracotta.
So that’s the story of my new Knot Necklace. Sometimes you can’t plan how these things come about, you’ve just got to go with the flow … and make a cup of tea!


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