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The week that will be

String Me Along Heart, by Crayon Chick
I got a new phone and it took exactly 5 seconds for me to discover Instagram and create an account (crayonchick, of course!). Fearless, I was. Indiscriminately hitting buttons left right and centre to see how it works. My apologies to any friend on Facebook and Twitter who wondered what was going on with multiple postings of the same image! If you have an iPhone it’s a free App and you can follow your favourites. It’s a world of inspiration.

The week ahead:

  • will have limited play time on Instagram, sadly
  • will have at least one To Do list a day, revised hourly
  • will have at least one conniption as I figure out how to pack an entire stall of stock and stall set up in one suitcase within airline weight restrictions
  • will more than likely lead to callouses, swollen knuckles, blisters, stiff neck and tight hamstrings as a result of some pretty heavy duty crocheting sessions, better bring out the glucosamine and fish oil supplements
  • will bring me up to date on some favourite shows recorded but not yet watched as I crochet
  • will take me to fabulous Sydney for Finders Keepers
  • will have many many many cups of tea


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