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There will be cake

It’s no secret I’m an old-school gal and the whole idea of taking tea is right up my alley. Any time of the day. When Barbara calls out to Tom to come in for elevenses (“Tom, it’s 9 o’clock, time for Elevenses!”) in The Good Life – what a total joy of a show – everything started to make sense. Primary School was all about ‘play lunch’ with a piece of fruit or a Space Food Stick (what the … ?!?), High School was all about sophisticated teenagers and we’d do ‘recess’. My first job in the public service had a Tea Lady. Complete with a trolley and urns and, joy of joy, finger buns! Her name was Magda, and she was almost 5 foot and wore an apron and we would all stop typing when we heard the tea trolley rattle out of the lift, Magda hardly had to holler “Hello Ladies, Coffee, Tea, or Me?!” before we were queued up with our 10 cents for tea, 25 cents for a finger bun (the best finger buns ever, they had candy pink icing covered with coconut). I don’t know what I liked most, the finger buns or the way she greeted me each day with “Hello Sunshine”.

I like to Take A Moment with my tea, and from time to time enjoy a bit of a bake day. I would enjoy it more if I could just embrace ‘cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy’. I hate that bit. And I’m not very good at baking – I break out in anxiety attacks if I have to cook for people! I usually love to cook on Sunday afternoons, after the grocery shopping has been done and packed away and an old daggy movie is on tv. Then I’m set for a week of elevenses in Style! One of my favourite baking books is this one by Frankie Magazine called Afternoon Tea.
This week I chose a Date and Walnut Loaf and I’m pretty excited it almost looks like the picture in the book! How do people cook from cook books with no pictures??

Meanwhile, it’s spring bride fever around here. How’s this for cute, Sasha (another Sasha, they seem to be popping up like spring bulbs lately) drew 2 pictures for her godmother’s wedding in the UK, the first drawing was the actual ceremony complete with priest and bridesmaids and congregation, and the second drawing is the happy couple on honeymoon! So there’s a Kids With Crayons creation on its way to England. Home of tea time.
Hmm, a cup of tea would be good right now. I might put the kettle on.

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