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There’s a Back To School Buzz

This is my brother’s first day of school. I’m the sophisticated older sister who’s about to suffocate him in my big sister duty of Keeping A Watch over him at school. Check out my port and my brother’s satchel – where are those treasures now!
I loved this time of the year as a kid. The summer was in full swing, we were home from our holiday and riding our new bikes to our friends house (especially the ones who had swimming pools!) and best of all, Mum started getting us ready for school. Not that updating the uniform was anything to get excited about. The best bit was when our school bag went through the Readiness Audit – if we were lucky enough we might have got a new pencil case, and best of all, we got NEW STATIONERY! New stationery – sigh! I love new stationery! New pencils, pens, rulers, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, student diary, folders with shiny new inserts. And best of all the first ‘project’ of the year was decorating our new stuff and putting our names on everything.
Kids love putting their names on anything!

Nameplates as part of a kinder fundraiser by Kids With Crayons.
And then there was the checking of the state of wear and tear on our lunch boxes and drink bottles. Which gets me thinking about the best part of the day was when we got home from school, changed into shorts and tshirts, ate everything not nailed down in the kitchen in 5 minutes flat before running outside and back on our bikes until tea time. I still love afternoon tea.
I made a batch of muffins for an afternoon tea the other day. I’ve been creating new ways of using jam because quite frankly I’ve got about 2 years worth in the cupboard after my recent jam making. How could any girl resist a hot fresh baked muffin straight out of the pan. I can’t. And I didn’t!

January 22, 2010 - 5:55 am

frankie and ray - Oh Michelle…sigh….muffins, jam, new stationery. I love the way you can evoke the best memories of things! You put a smile on my grumpy face today!

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