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There’s this chap in the UK …

Look what I found – inspiration plus!  This fabulous collage is from my new favourite site called Cut It Out.  Isn’t that a clever pun?! All the images in this post are from this amazing site and it makes my eyes sparkle.

There’s this chap in the UK, his name is Martin O’Neil and he’s the Cut It Out guy.  I happened to stumble on his work via Pinterest.  I immediately checked out his website, his blog and followed him on Facebook.  As you do!

Martin O’Neill is a UK based artist and illustrator who creates unique hand made collages for a diverse range of International clients encompassing advertising, design, editorial and book publishing, as well as regular contributions to the UK and US press.

And the timing of this is truly spooky because I was just chatting with my botanical artist friend this morning about my craving to get back to drawing and collaging and making images – the old fashioned way in a visual diary.  My life before I started to crochet in my sleep for Crayon Chick!  I can’t describe it any other way other than a craving.  An urge, a desire of the strongest order to put pencil to paper.  It’s a need.  A scratch that must be itched.

So in an effort to exercise my drawing muscle I plan to make a quick study everyday.  Just like my art school days.  I plan to keep one visual diary for quick collages and another dedicated to sketches.  Look at these diaries, aren’t they amazing!

I started last night, grabbing the first pencil I reached and turned to a blank page in my current list making book and off I went.  It was a disaster!

I did my sketch while waiting for dinner to cook – a new recipe for lamb shanks – which was also a disaster.

I had a crisis of confidence on all fronts and felt a failure!  I could cope with the dinner being miserable, I’m no cook and am used to dodgy dinners, but drawing is The Thing That I Do.  I can’t fail in that!  Once the tears stopped I realised it was all for the good, it made me stop and see how important it is for me to draw.

So there’s my plan.  I’m back in training.  I’m going to raid that stash of magazines hoarded for the specific purpose of collage and inspiration.  I’m going back to basics and filling a whole book with blind contour drawings.

I’m going to draw again.


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