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Things organised neatly

50’s grocery blocks, submitted by Suzanna Scott of Sushipot (and here’s a weird Six Degrees of Separation thing – Sushipot is one of my favourite Instagram follows, spooky huh!)

Are you a neat freak? Are you organised and ordered? Or do you just love things laid out on display, curated, sorted and labelled. I do. So it’s no surprise a friend sent me a link to this fabulous site brilliantly called “Things Organised Neatly”. Honest. Isn’t it brilliant! Has there ever been a better title?!
It’s a site where ordinary (and clearly neat) people upload their own photos of … well … things organised neatly!
Brilliant. And it’s exactly what I needed, another online site to bookmark to idle away more many hours looking at delicious visual inspirations!

How’s that eraser, it’s just like the one’s we had a school! This was submitted by reminiscent
Sadly this I can’t see who submitted this picture to credit back, it’s called “Rocks on the island of Arran, Scotland” and was submitted on 31 August.

Hey Mum, who does this remind you of? This is how I remember a great part of my childhood – lining my Barbie’s up. This fabulous image submitted by Aaron Ruell
September 26, 2011 - 1:02 pm

Frankie and Ray - A woman after my own heart….must pop over for a look-see. Although, do you think we need to be encouraged? And, yes, I remember those erasers too! Do people still have erasers?

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