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This grey day needs brightening

Why do I love this? First of all it’s a photo from Paris, it’s street art with a story, and it’s yellow. Win! It’s a lovely print I found on Etsy by Little Brown Pen.

Having recently become somewhat enamoured with Pinterest it’s become clear I’m developing quite the eye for yellow. Is it the winter? I’m not sure, it’s certainly been creeping into my world for about a year now. I can’t wear it for nuts, but a little embellishing can go a long way to lift spirits.
I’ve also noticed the images I’m drawn to today are very ‘street’ oriented. I’m possibly feeling more house-bound that I thought! Ah winter, you’re a special kind of the year.
isa_per loveliness on Flickr
A beautiful shot on Flickr by jason.soza
Gorgeous Flickr shot by Ted Forbes
Another Flickr find called “a yellow vespa on a very grey day” by DorteF.
July 12, 2011 - 12:30 pm

Frankie and Ray - Still loving a bit of yellow over here too! Perhaps we have ‘yellow fever’? Ha, ha, I think I just made a dad joke….

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