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Time for a tidy

Purse mirrors by Crayon Chick
After a massive lead up to Magnolia Square last week my home was a complete jumble with stray bits of thread walked into every room, bits and bobs in various stages of togetherness on every table top and bench space I could find, piles of sorted and pre-cut fabric and papers waiting for some creative know-how and not to mention the walking zombie I had become from burning too much midnight oil. There is no rest for the wicked with a wonderful run into Christmas with more markets (next weekend it’s Sisters) and some of the most amazing drawings waiting for my Kids With Crayons magic stick!

There is no way I can think clearly with a messy space. But I have to confess, it’s not normally this clear. As part of my post-Magnolia Square wind-down, I had to clear my workspace and my headspace of the piles and clutter that had accumulated after too many manic late nights of making things. I vacuumed and cleaned and sorted and stashed away. I hung my brand new Bride and Wolfe flying bird hanger (in Chartreuse – my favourite word in the world!!) on my window, wrote a list of things to do and highlighted all the important and urgent ones and gave that up when I realised 3/4 of my list was highlighted and it was only causing me more angst!

So I’m ready to launch into a new round of making things and creating things. My cat, the love of my life and my very own HRH, has pleasingly approved of the tidy up and is ready to take on the role of studio companion once again. Her studio speciality is knowing exactly which piece of paper I need next and sits right on top of it. Bless!
December 2, 2009 - 10:19 am

Sally - Hi, what a great blog, very inspiring. Hope Magnolia Square went well, I saw you there in Nov 2007 when we were over from the UK

November 30, 2009 - 7:44 am

Lark - Yay Michelle, I think we are finally going to be close together at Sisters this week so we can have a prolonged natter! Looking forward to buying some more lovely stuff from you! xx

November 30, 2009 - 6:06 am

frankie and ray - That neat workspace is making me swoon! A woman after my own heart!

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