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Time For Elevenses

I need a cup of tea. Desperate for a cuppa right now. A beautiful, refreshing and life-saving cup of tea. At eleven, of course. Elevenses! My favourite bit about elevenses is that it can, and is often, taken at anytime of the day. And what’s a cup of tea without a little sweetie or two – or a whole plateful of these gorgeous pastel macaroons found at AIXXX photostream on Flickr

Fabulous origami tea bag. Image from
So I’ve put pens down and taken a little break. Lo and behold, I come across these fabulous tea bag designs. Some people have the coolest jobs! I’d love the origami ones …

Cool little leaf sprouting tea bags by Tea Forte. Image from

Fabulous! Bungee jumping and abseiling tea bags. Image from
Tea Time by Colin

The New Forest by Amy Blackwell
Coasters by Crayon Chick
Snuggly tea cup cosiness found on Etsy by Natalya1905

February 5, 2010 - 7:54 am

Crayon Chick - It’s lovely to ‘meet’ you and your gorgeous work. Although, I’ve been to Las Vegas and can’t imagine anyone wanting to knit gorgeous woolly creations in that searing desert heat!

February 5, 2010 - 7:02 am

Natalya's Studio - What a wonderful collection! As a great tea lover, I want everything in it! Origami tea bags are un-be-lievable! And thank you very much for featuring my cup cozy!

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