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To Do Lists

Fabulous wall decals from Art Stick Online

I run at least 3 To Do Lists at any given moment. There’s the obvious squeaky-wheel-gets-the-attention list that MUST be done NOW, then there’s the stuff I should be doing now, there’s another list for what I’d like to be doing now, then there’s another list for the Big Picture long term stuff.

If I don’t have a list on the go I would find it very hard to get out of bed in the morning, and not because of lack of ideas, creativity or imagination but because my indecision about what to start on would render me buried in the doona in denial. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m a task oriented kinda gal. And any who knows me would say I work best under pressure. I’d give anything not to be that person, alas, I am. I get a lot done with a deadline looming and I’m a chronic procrastinator inbetween deadlines.
Fortunately, I have a massive deadline at the moment. This time next week I’ll be loading the car for Magnolia Square. It’s back again in a new venue at Ivanhoe and I’m very excited. It means a twice-a-day revision of at least 2 To Do Lists!
I’m mad for my iPhone app to do list – it’s called Minimalist To Do List, it’s free and it’s working a treat for me at the moment. It’s just nice to get a lot of that clutter and noise out of my head and onto my desk. What’s working for you?

Gasp! Gorgeous! Found image at Storage and Glee blog
Wall planner fabulous-ness by Martha Stewart

This is so me … cross referencing multiple To Do Lists! An Etsy find from Droplet

An oversize planner is exactly what I need, no hiding away from that one! A bit of Etsy love by Simple Shapes
Now that’s one long term To Do List! Street art from KRonikle
Magnolia Square :: this time it’s all about colour, that’s got my name all over it!
See you there.


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