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To market, to market

I love these Crayon Chick images from Finders Keepers Melbourne event a few weekends ago now.  I love going on line and seeing their photos.  They always have a photographer whizzing about at their events and I love hopping online and seeing the event again.  Such fun (oops, my Miranda obsession creeping in there!)

Here’s the link to Finders Keepers on Facebook to see more of their gallery.

Meanwhile, it’s more Groundhog Day for me as I prepare for another Finders Keepers, this time in sunny Brisbane.  And this Melbourne girl is certainly looking forward to a bit of tropical loveliness, I can tell you.  Just quietly, what on earth is going on in Melbourne this week?  Buried under winter woollies with the heater on one day, scorching and keeping curtains drawn to keep the sun out with 35C the next.  Really.

So if you’re coming along to Brisbane this weekend do pop in and say Hello!


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