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Treasury – Kids With Crayons, 2010

Treasury - Kids With Crayons, 2010
1. Frame, 2. Keyring, 3. Frame, 4. Pendant, 5. Keyring, 6. Frame, 7. Gift Tag, 8. Frame, 9. Pendant, 10. Keyring,11. Frame, 12. Keyring, 13. Frame, 14. Keyring, 15. Frame, 16. Pendant, 17. Magnet, 18.Frame, 19. Pendant, 20. Frame, 21. Pendant, 22. Frame, 23. Keyring, 24. Pendant, 25. Buttons, 26. Keyring, 27. Frame, 28. Keyring, 29.Pendant, 30. Magnet, 31. Keyring, 32. Frame, 33. Magnet, 34. Keyring, 35. Cards, 36. Frame

Too cute, and too much fun!

I’ve been looking back on 2010, as you do, and couldn’t resist putting this little sampling together. It’s no wonder my workroom was left in such a state of anarchy when it was pens down for Christmas, it’s taken me the better part of my break just to sort through everything.

We (madly) decided to do some furniture rearranging, which led to cupboard sorting and a jettison of stashed flotsam that seem to breed like rabbits. My (almost) sorted and ordered studio is (almost) ready for 2011. Almost.
Just a few odds and ends to deal with with, like a bunch of sticks and twigs that have accumulated on the mantle … I really should stop picking up every stick that catches my eye on my walks.

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