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TV doubles

So I was reading a book the other day, Florence Broadhurst, Her Secret and Extraordinary Lives, by Helen O’Neil and a spooky connection came to mind. As I was reading it, and by some coincidence I happened to have the TV on in the background at the time Bewitched was on (you know I love it!), I looked up at the screen and back to the book and up to the screen again I couldn’t believe how similar Florence and Endora are! Don’t laugh, stick with me and I’ll show you!

Endora, masquerading as Florence! Played by the marvellous Agnes Moorehead, image from IMBD.
Florence masquerading as Endora! Photo from the book, Florence Broadhurst, Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives.

Needless to say my Florence reading has since taken on a new light. Photo from the book, Florence Broadhurst, Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives.
Image from Wikipedia, my source of all things Popular Culture!
My love of popular culture is no secret. I’m proud to say I enjoy all the fabulous retro TV shows available free to air – hoorah – and now The Partridge Family is no longer aired each day (to be fair, Go did air the entire 4 seasons twice, back to back, just for me to relive my early 70s David Cassidy crush, thank you Go) I’m revisiting Bewitched, the early seasons with the original Darrin.

And I can’t help but notice more spooky alignments ……
I believe Mad Men and Bewitched are one and the same! Yes I do. Just have a look at Darrin Stephens and Larry Tate …. blur your eyes and really hit that imagination button and you will see …. Don Draper and Roger Stirling. Ad men. One dark with Brylcreem hair, the other a silver fox. There’s a blonde wife at home (Samantha and Betty), the same era, the fabulous costumes, the sets the homes, the furnishings. Oh I love it! You can see it now, can’t you!
Darrin and Larry … or is it? Image from IMDB.
Roger … or Larry? You Son Of A Gun!
Brylcreem – “a little dab’ll do ya”. I can’t stop singing that song, an ad of course, from my childhood. And Dad’s empty Brylcreem jars (just like that red one in the ad) were excellent for storing my childhood treasures, like Barbie’s shoes. And I think I remember Mum keeping bobby pins in an empty jar for a while … I must check with her ….. I wish I had some empty ones now for my crafting bits and bobs.
Samantha …. or Betty, and this time you don’t even need to squint very hard!
Isn’t she lovely, Betty …. or is it Samantha???

It also gives me an excuse for another gratuitous Don Draper picture!
May 26, 2010 - 12:18 am

frankie and ray - That is too spooky for words!
How weird….!

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