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Uh oh

I’m back!

I’ve been to Cambodia and it was beyond words how wonderful my time away was.  Now I’m back I don’t know where to start and I’ve got so many things making very loud demands of me and they’re not letting me sort through images and journals and memories.  I’ve had to make a stealth-like retreat here now to furtively hop online and say Hello!


Until I get more time to sort through things to share with you I’ll leave you with this image from the other day.  My studio assistant helping me to wrap an order, minding the tissue paper doesn’t fly away (well the fan was on supersonic mach-25 but the less we talk about Melbourne’s ridiculous weather the better).  All the while giving me the hairy eyeball for leaving her.

Uh oh,  I’m not sure I’m forgiven yet but she’s not letting me out of her sight until she makes up her mind!


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