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I just love the look of autumn. It’s by far my favourite time of the year. Once I’ve come to terms with the end of summer and shorter cold days. I’m a weakling who’s not too fond of being cold. Well to be honest, I absolutely hate being cold but if I’ve found a snuggly and cosy spot it’s beautiful to look at!

And my snuggly and cosy spot of choice lately has been the couch. Unfortunately, because a lot of work that I should be doing is in another room, a cold and dark room. A room without knitting needles and wool. My distracting knitting project has become an obsession so it was probably some sort of work-karma that found me unravelling half my knitting.
Unravelling all that work? Gasp! That’ll show me, that was a whole day I could have spent Making Things.
Meanwhile, in between all that tangled mess this gorgeous new necklace is (enviably) on it’s way to sunny Queensland. It’s a double-drawing pendant, one with Mum and baby Lulu and the second pendant has her two cheeky boys, Sam and Tom. I’ve just loved the way Sam’s name has a back-to-front ‘S’. Cute!
The view from my cold, dark, knitting-free work room. Cold and dark, yes. But definitely inspiring.


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