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Warm Glow

It’s funny how much the weather has an effect on my mood and work, like colour choices for the day’s sewing. It was a brisk reminder of the winter to come last week in Melbourne with grey skies, heavy clouds and woolies wrapping their way around my shoulders. I didn’t realise I’d selected a range of warm reds and sunny colours to work on until I’d had the finished pursed all stacked by the ironing board. And lots of birds. A freudian day in the office?

And of course the other sure-fire way to keep toasty is a cup of tea. And needless to say there have been many cups made during the week. This gorgeous bit of tea loveliness was found at Poppytalk. I love the modern graphics of the old nanna cups, gorgeous! And who can ever say No to a bit of tea towel delight.

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