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Basket weaving
Melon basket
Melon basket

I spent a beautiful weekend in the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens on a weaving workshop making this melon basket.

It’s the most beautiful place to spend a few hours engrossed in making things. The gardens are in the heart of the city, right across the river from the MCG, the CityLink traffic, the joggers. The joggers! Millions of them jogging around the Tan! It was crazy how many joggers were there early on a weekend morning. It was risky business crossing the Tan to get to the gardens!

But once I was there, nestled in the beautiful Victorian cottage, amongst the gardens, serenaded by the beautiful bellbirds with a cup to tea in my hand it felt like I was in a faraway land.

And then the weaving begun and it was magic. I took to this craft like a duck to water and can’t wait until I can throw myself into making more. I’m bursting with ideas and wanting to explore more. More more more!

It sadly involves a lot of fastidious collecting and prepping of fibres and I’m not much good at that. Living in the heart of suburbia is going to be a little tricky for gathering. Not to mention a full to bursting timetable for the next few months.

Never mind, where there’s a will there’s a way!


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