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Week of Love – Friday

Beautiful beautiful beautiful paper light cover, found at Bridget Farmer

Today I’m loving:
  • jumping in puddles like a child during a massive thunderstorm
  • the most perfect omelette for dinner
  • a trip to the chinese grocery for more tea and wontons
  • fresh white crusty bread with lots of butter and peanut butter – a very wicked treat!
  • having a Good Hair Day. The treatment I had on Monday is paying off with soft freshly washed hair this morning that ‘moves’ like a shampoo ad! This doesn’t happen everyday and I just LOVE this feeling.
I’m also loving these negative heart shapes. Aren’t they just gorgeous. I often admire the scraps of paper and fabric left over once something has been cut out. You can often find just as much inspiration from the holes left behind.

Hearts found on Flickr by Sweet Jessie
I ran out of Oolong tea this week (gasp) and quickly dashed down the street for more. I love the packaging and the tins. My constant companion does too and felt a photo opportunity wouldn’t be complete without ALL my favourite things! She’s a bit like a Sale Of The Century model, don’t you think?! Certainly not camera shy.
And last but not least is loving the anticipation of another market – hoorah! – and catching up with people and meeting new people. Each market has it’s own personality and tomorrow the Sisters Market is one of my favourites.
Sisters Market
10am – 4pm
Brunswick Town Hall
Brunswick, Melbourne
February 12, 2010 - 4:11 am

frankie and ray - This week has been such a joy! I just love that pic of your little puss with those beautiful colourful tea containers! Have a great market tomorrow.

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