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Week of Love – Thursday

This gorgeous heart was found at Inleaf

There have been a lot of lovely things happening this week, but the loveliest of all is something that’s happened within me. To dedicate a week to thinking about things I love has meant that I’m seeing things with fresh eyes, my world is all aglow – la vie en rose (oh goodie, an Audrey reference, I love Audrey) – and it’s delightfully the little things that are giving me the greatest loving joy at the moment.

Like picking a dress to wear and thinking “oh goodie, I love this dress” or making a cup of tea and choosing a favourite tea cup “eee, the blue flowers, I love this cup” or throwing some left overs together for a quick lunch and thinking how much I loved cooking the meal in the first place, rather than grumbling that I’m eating left overs again.
I’m looking all around me for the nice things rather than dwelling on the miserable things, or the unhappy things, or grumbling about things I don’t want to do. I’m making mental lists through my day of lovely things. I haven’t felt happier in ages and strongly recommend everyone dedicates a week to thinking about what they love. It’s marvellous!

Things I love today:
  • my talking book has lived up to expectation
  • this horrible sticky heat has softened the block of chocolate in the cupboard and it’s now how I love to eat chocolate the most – bendy, a little bit tacky, and wonderfully gooey in my mouth – yum!
  • I clipped my cat’s claws last night so my pre-dawn snuggles and cuddles didn’t draw tears like they can do when they are pin-point sharp – I just love that little fluffy cat
  • an hour spent doing some embroidery for no real reason other than I love pulling thread through cloth
  • Poh’s Kitchen started last night and I love it!
  • ditto So You Think You Can Dance – hoorah!
  • it’s raining!
  • writing this has me thinking of all my favourite Audrey Hepburn moments and planning when I’m going to watch one of my treasured DVDs again. Soon I hope!

Sabrina (sigh) with Audrey Hepburn, and she sings La Vie En Rose (sigh)

A lovely tin full of chocolate goodness found at made by girl
My gorgeous fluffy constant companion doing an EXCELLENT job minding the ribbon, there was not going to be any ribbon escape under her watch
And the same with these talking books waiting to go back to the library. What would I do without her ever watchful eye!
February 11, 2010 - 11:41 am

frankie and ray - I just can’t wait for tomorrow! What a week!

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